Get Involved In Something Bigger Than Yourself

Discover a fun volunteer opportunity in Shreveport, LA

If you're looking for local volunteer opportunities, check out Roy's Kids. We host all kinds of events to help kids in the Shreveport, LA community, and we need all the support we can get. Whether you're more hands-on or hands-off, we appreciate any and all forms of assistance.

We accept charitable donations from individuals, companies and organizations in Shreveport, Louisiana. No matter how large or small your gift is, it will mean the world to a child in need.

3 ways you can make charitable donations

3 ways you can make charitable donations

Are you ready to sign up for a volunteer opportunity but aren't sure what all you can do? You can volunteer your:

1. Time by helping us plan our 5k or Block Party
2. Goods by donating Christmas gifts, school supplies, toys or food
3. Service by taking pictures at our events or sorting, wrapping and distributing Christmas gifts

Don't have the time or resources to volunteer at our events? You can still make charitable donations through PayPal. Donate to our local charity today.